The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA)

The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) is more hands-on than Ice Hockey UK because its mission is to develop players in England and Wales and, to that end, it looks after the leagues as well as managing development programmes. It also manages the England hockey teams (men’s, women’s and juniors) as opposed to the British teams that come under Ice Hockey UK.


The English Premiership aEIHA-FInd the National Ice Hockey League both fall under the aegis of the English Ice Hockey Association. There are also the women’s leagues, which are dealt with on a separate page, not because they are less important but because the situation is quite complex and requires a page to itself. Then there are Junior Leagues (divided into Junior League North and Junior League South), university teams and university competitions, a recreational section, Sledge Hockey (for people with physical disabilities) and Special Hockey (for people with developmental difficulties).

Player Development

The EIHA takes its responsibility for player development seriously, through Advanced Hockey Development UK (AHD). Two AHD Summer Camps are scheduled for 2016; the first is from 4th June to 2nd July, and the second from 16th July to 13th August. There is also a Women’s Camp and a Skills and Drills Summer Camp.

Coaching Programme

Coaching programmes run by the EIHA reflect International Ice Hockey Federation standards in that they follow the IIHF levels of Coach Level 1, 2 and 3. The programmes are run according to demand; when enough people have expressed an interest, a course is set up at the location and on the dates best suited to those people. In addition, there are workshops for coaches on emerging matters of interest and courses for off-ice officials (scorer, timekeeper, penalty timekeeper, goal judge and announcer).

Developing Managers

A course for managers deals with:

  • the role of the manager
  • effective communication
  • administration (there’s an awful lot of paperwork involved in hockey)
  • organising a game
  • safety

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